Solid Surface, Laminate, Wood, Metal – Auto V Groover System LG2 – $12,000. (delivered)

Used for two large jobs, this Auto V Groover is in near perfect condition.  We never even broke in in the blades!

Unheard of price! Delivered! You get a almost new machine delivered for $12,000.

V-Grooving creates a built-up edge, V the back and fold it over! Quick, easy, and unmatched production speed!

V-Groove various materials, wood composites or plastics such as solid surface, even foam backed metal!  V-Folds to create a build-up front edge, cove back splash profile, scribe strip, dado for back panel, double edge shelving etc. Other v-groove angles besides the standard 90 degrees can easily be employed by changing the cutter head.

Designed for linear and cross v-grooving within a 120″ or 145″ length parameter, but without any width limitations. For example a 5′ x 12′ board or a 145″ x 36″ solid surface sheet material can be v-grooved anywhere over its entire surface. The cutter head travels over the stationary material, which makes this machine most suitable for very delicate surfaces. Even angled cuts for a pyramid shaped pedestal can be accomplished. Designed to work with solid surface, wood, laminated or veneered MDF or particleboard and other man made materials. Targeted industries are the solid surface, display & fixture and architectural millwork industry, where virtually unlimited applications have priority over production output. Machine can also function as a 12′ linear or crosscut saw, when a scoring blade is not needed.

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text,

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