Rustic Limestone Slab – Thick Shell Limestone – (68″ x 62″ x 2″)(29.27 sf) – $250.


Beautiful Rustic Limestone Slab! Full of shell impressions, calcium carbonate colors, and beautiful layers of patterns.! The pictures do not represent it well, it is currently uncleaned and has been stored outdoors, this slab would need to be pressure washed just prior to installation or sealing.

Rustic Limestone Slab – Thick Shell Limestone – (68″ x 62″ x 2″)(29.27 sf) – Perfect for kitchen island countertops, shower feature walls or outdoor kitchens and more. This gorgeous rustic slab would even be a great addition to any vertical wall as a feature or design.

These pictures do not do it justice…

This is a unfinished piece of rustic limestone that would require a fabricator to finish. I only have one  this size.

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text,

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