Verdi Merinace Granite Slab – (59 inches x 21 inches 2CM)(8.6 sf) – $95.

Beautiful Granite! Full of colors to work in every kitchen or bath!

Verdi Merinace Marble Slab – (59 inches x 21 inches 2CM)(8.6 sf) – $95.

These pictures do not do it justice… just have to see this one…

Verde Marinace is an absolutely exquisite granite.  It is green in colour with grey and pink pebble effect shapes.  It is such a unique unusual pattern and colour mix that it can only make for a stunning addition to your project.

Verde Marinace originates in Brazil.  Like most granite’s quarried, Verde Marinace is extremely durable and tough; it can potentially last forever.

This is a unfinished piece of granite that would require a fabricator to cut to size and finish the edges. I only have one  this size. Also can be cut with a skill saw and diamond blade.

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text,

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