Corner Shower Base, Mist White Marble – 43.5 x 32-3/4 – $200.


Brand New, Custom made…. ┬áNeutral Mist White Cultured Marble Shower Base. The lighting made these pictures look yellowish – The base is not yellowed, it is a mist white base.

Corner Shower Base, Mist White Marble – 43.5 x 32-3/4. – This special base is made to install heavy glass from the base up on one side and a swinging door on the other….. when the time is right… remove the door and you have a wheelchair accessible shower! Easily add this shower base to any corner.

This base is made with real stone and won’t squeak, crack or peel like plastic and fiberglass shower pans. Use this shower base to tile straight up from the base onto the walls. ┬áSolid, slip resistant surface. Use your tiled curb with this base.

This marble base is prefered by tile installation crews because of it’s excellent water proofing & long lasting qualities. Installing this base on a second level is also a clear choice for home owners.

Will not damage like plastic & fiberglass when using handicap walkers, chairs or benches.

Far superior to old school mud/cement bases and will not crack like cement.

Low gloss finish to ensure good traction and prevent slippage. Easy to install. Leave your worries behind with a quality product.

Price is firm, please shop around to see what’s available for this price.

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text

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