Designer Shower Back Wall, Mist White Marble – 60W x 88H – $250.


Brand New, Custom made designer back shower wall….  Mist White Cultured Marble.

Shower Wall Mist White Marble – 60W x 88H – The picture does not show it well, but there is a diamond pattern embossed into the panel.

Perfect addition to any shower, simply cut to size, apply silicone, brace and it’s done!

Now add accenting side panels in tile and you have a luxurious, custom designed shower like no other!

Add heavy glass and you have stunning shower area.

This wall panel is made with real stone and won’t squeak, crack or peel like plastic and fiberglass. Use this shower wall panel straight up from the base onto the walls.

This marble base is preferred by tile installation crews because of it’s excellent water proofing & long lasting qualities.

Will not damage like plastic & fiberglass when using handicap walkers, chairs or benches.

Please shop around to see what’s available for this price.

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text