12.5 Foot Insulated Wall Smoker/Sweat Box – $800.

New, never used 12.5 feet long, 40 inches deep, 20 inches high Smoker/Sweat Insulated Box.

Originally designed to heat products to bending or shaping temperatures, this heavy duty insulated box will maintain temperatures for all kinds of products, including low temperature food smoking.

This box stands 47 inches high and has a 16 inch swing down door with telescoping door stops to stop it halfway at 90 degrees verse full open at 180 degrees.

The interior rack is 147.5 x 38 inches and made from expanded metal, it is removable and with mods can be adjustable. It is currently set at 9 inches in the front and tilted to zero inches in the rear.

Use for sweating lumber, heating solid surface materials or other long length items.

This box does not currently have a heat source included. I do have a smaller one with a heat source for reference so you can see the process.

Imagine using this as a cold or warm smoker… you could have tons of meats, sausages, cheeses getting smoked and cured. How many chickens, briskets, etc could stay warm, smoked at large banquets or ranch gatherings? Never have cold food again.

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text

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