Tri Axle Gooseneck Trailer – 24 x 8 Deck – $2995.


Used, in good condition with new tires. Custom made trailer with clear title.

24 foot by 8 foot bed deck, wood and metal deck, wood is in ok condition. Plywood on deck was added for protection of deck, deck is in good condition under plywood.

Full side tie downs and bed pockets. Deck has twin 12 inch metal sides. Tires are 7.50 x 16 st Samson Tires. Three 7.5k 8 lug axles on trailer. Brakes on all three axles. 3 Stage single jack.

This trailer was used for a short while to transport granite slabs from the valley and then parked. Bearings, Brakes and tires all recently changed out.

You could buy a whole lot less trailer for a whole lot more money, check the GVWR’s out there, the build and the steel quality…..

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text

Cash Only