Silestone Complete Kitchen Countertop & Bar System – $750.


Brand New Silestone “Euro Travertine” Counter Top System – This L-Shaped counter top also comes with backsplash and a bar top! 90 inches by 25.5 in one direction and 101 inches the other way – Silestone – Top is a standard 3/4 thick or 2cm with a beautiful round over drop down edge making the from edge a 1-1/4 thickness. You can find this top elsewhere for $2800.

SilestoneĀ it is an extremely non-porous counter that can easily resist spills and ultimately stains.

Left Wing Kitchen Counter Top is 101 inches in one direction, and 90.5 in the other. The counter top is 25.5 wide on both sides. Left back corner is square, picture shown has another top preventing a full view.

The standard sink cut out is 30.25 x 16.25, and 30.25 x 19.50 and will accept an under mount sink is stainless or enamel.

The sink is centered 31.5 inches from the right side and 59.5 inches from the left. This system comes with a six inch backsplash and a separate 15 x 88 bar top.

This top is perfect for the kitchen remodel, rental house, pool house, cabin, party room or tiny home….

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text

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