Flex BED55 Wet Core Granite & Stone Drill – $750.

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Used very little, kit includes everything shown plus tool box. $995.The Flex Core Drilling for confined areas. Originally bought for granite counter expansion, company closed and this beautiful tool is no longer needed. This is the perfect addition to a serious granite shop!

The slim, stable drill stand, lateral supports and long feed column are characteristic of this drilling unit, enabling drilling of the next higher step from a lower one. Swiveling the feed column enables drilling in corners and recesses on banisters, gravestones and baths.

Drilling speed can be adapted to any bit diameter (1/2″ to 3″) thanks to mechanical 3-speed gearing and VR full-wave electronic control.

 FLEX GFCI operator protection circuit breaker

For electrical safety during wet grinding. Cuts out extremely fast with the required response sensitivity (less than 15 milliseconds). It has reactuation protection at power interruption.

Pick up water even on stairs
Fasten the water collector with suction cup up to approx. 2″ in drilling position, position feed column with drill bit over the water collector, extract water.

  • FLEX triple VR electronics: with consistent speed control by tachometer generator, overload protection, and speed selection
  • GFCI operator protector circuit breaker: integrated in cord
  • Quality shut-off carbon brushes: protects the motor against damage
  • Integrated water supply: through the gear head
  • Stationary drill stand: with precision column guide, drill stroke up to 12″
  • Water collector with suction cup: for collecting water, even on stairs
  • Drill bit connection: G 1/2″
  • Safety clutch

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text,

Cash Only.