Schluter®-RENO-RAMP – AERP100B65 – $20. ea

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Brand New, Schluter®-RENO-RAMP  AERP100B65 – in Satin Anodized Aluminum (2-1/2″ – 64 mm x 3/8″ – 10 mm x 8′) – $20. ea, find online for $44. each plus tax. Currently have (5 pcs.) available.

Schluter®-RENO-RAMP is designed to provide a smooth transition between tile coverings and floor coverings at lower elevations or finished concrete, particularly in commercial applications where wheel carts are used (e.g., bakeries, hospitals, etc.).

The profile is available in anodized aluminum. RENO-RAMP features a trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg, which is secured in the mortar bond coat beneath the tile, and a sloped transition surface that terminates at the height of the tile edge. The profile protects tile edges and provides a sloped surface to eliminate trip hazards and allow easy access for wheel carts. RENO-RAMP features an integrated joint spacer that establishes a defined joint cavity between the tile and the profile.

Schluter®-RENO-RAMP-K is a variant of the profile without an anchoring leg. RENO-RAMP-K is installed adjacent to existing floor coverings, e.g., retrofitting between existing floor coverings and bare concrete without having to disturb the existing flooring.

All sizes of RENO-RAMP, except sizes 9/16″ (15 mm) and 3/4″ (20 mm), are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice, text or twitter

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