Schluter-SCHIENE A100 is Edging for tile coverings – $6.00 ea

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Brand New A100 Aluminum.  ( 3/8″ – 10 mm x 8′) – $6.00 each, find online for $16.00 each plus tax. Currently have (17 pcs.) Available.

Typical applications include edge protection where tile is bordered by carpet, at expansion joints, or as a decorative edging for tile edge, countertops or stairs.

Schluter-SCHIENE, available in stainless steel.  The profile features a trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg, which is secured in the mortar bond coat beneath the tile, and an 87° sloped vertical wall section that transfers point loads to the substrate and surface covering while protecting the tile edges from damage.

Features an integrated joint spacer that establishes a defined joint cavity between the tile and the profile. Schluter-SCHIENE, in stainless steel, is roll-formed and does not feature an integrated joint spacer.

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice, text or twitter

Cash or Credit Card over $25.00.