Barcode Scanner – ScanPal 2 – Metrologic – $395.

S0927250 S0877245 S0887246 S0897247 S0917249

Brand New, only used to sample test. Excellent condition! Never used for actual inventory stock control. This scanner is one of the best on the market, most versatile, and durable.

Metrologic ScanPal 2 is a light-weight, portable data collection terminal, designed for all-day, everyday use.

Use for inventory/stock control, shipping and receiving, document monitoring, factory floor data collection, shelf price audits, price checking, asset tracking, warehousing and distribution operations.

Comes with cradle, RS-232 cable, charger for Ni-Cad batteries (also takes aaa).

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830515-7505 voice, text or #edbenesch

Cash Only.