Workbench Cabinet – Portable with Storage – $250.

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Huge work station, workbench cabinet. Has two pull out drawers (30″ wide x 24″ deep x 10″ high) and a large storage area (30″ x 21″ x 30″). The dimensions for the entire unit are 66 long, 30 wide & 31″ high. Mounted on casters so you can move it in and out of the garage or shop on a nice day. Has a mounted power strip on one end. Just the right height for a chop saw, mini band saw, sander or drill press. Made with plywood, glued, and heavy duty slides. Great for the shop to move around.

You can’t even buy a unstained kitchen sink cabinet for this price! … and it doesn’t come with power strips or a top!

A lot of time and material went into this workstation.

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text

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