DVD Movie Night Collection (26 Movies) – $20.

DVD Movie Collection – 26 different movies with something for everyone…. great carrying case, soft sided and easy to travel with. All in excellent condition, no scratches, damage or issues.

Here is the list:

The Ninth Gate
Darkness Falls
Catch Me if You Can
Full Frontal
Vanilla Sky
The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentleman
Little Nicky
The Wedding Planner
Conan the Barbarian
Pirates of the Caribbean
Gross Point Blank
John Cusak High Fidelity
Tears of the Sun
Soul Taker
Punch Drunk Love
The Life
Boondock Saints
House of Flying Daggers
Donny Darko
Big Trouble in Little China

You can take a friend to the movies for $20….. or add drinks and pop corn….. surprise some old schooler’s with a dvd collection….

For more info, contact: Ed Benesch @ 830-515-7505 voice or text

Cash Only